imagine of life as a road

quite stereotypically

long path


flat land

both horizons as if infinite

littered with people

some lovers

some friends

some bystanders

some in distance

some drowned

some in light

like trees

they stand still yet not

stronger  the emotion

brighter the spark

in timespace

taller the tree

some get out of sight eventually

even the tallest ones

need to get watered

some get revisited

some get replanted

some get burned

along the way

even the ones that will never get out of sight

can get infinitely far

and to quote the Man

so it goes






It’s name is Semjon Elektro [semion electro]
Belarusan make, probably mid 70’s

got it from my sister who got it from our uncle…

the battery chamber is broken ( a battery leaked out) yet, the only use for the electricity was for the add-on flash

the frame counter doesn’t work, so I’ve sticked a bit of masking tape on the back for tracking how many shots had been taken

ultimately, the viewfinder doesn’t focus with the lens (not even like a rangefinder)

a.k.a. lomo adventure

long time no see

It’s been  while since I visited this electronic online journal of mine,


this little column is to recap couple of things that happened to me recently and hint on what I’ll write soon-ish… I’ve finished my film, I still have very strange mixed feelings about it ,, but yeah It was worth to finish it


..I got published in a book (!)


..and I’m writing a new film 🙂


so, sooner or later I’ll write about these in a bit of a better detail ….


’till then see ya later 🙂

Old paper

I was going through some old paperwork today.
By accident I stumbled upon a poem I wrote a long time ago, dedicated to my first girlfriend.

Don’t have any ideas folks….. I wrote it quite a while after we broke up…… There is no romantic melodramatic mumbo jumbo.
Is about a day in a park.

The interesting thing is that reading it like…… What .,……8 years later…. It brought up all the exact feelings of that day…..

Amazing Emme Hastings

So this had been done quite a while ago, (summer 2013) but because unforeseen events, unfulfilled plans and other dramas in our lives, the video hadn’t reached public life ’till now.

the clip is introducing a noteworthy British singer-song write Emme Hastings in collaboration with a light-painting photography studio- NightBearFoto.

done unorthodoxly on both cannon and nikon camera with great audio recording help of Birdy’s beats

I think I’m not gonna be blabbering on, you just enjoy Emme’s voice now 😉